Hello internet! I’m Luís Costa. My friends call me Pedro, and my co-workers call me Luís, so you’re free to use whatever first name you want.

I’m from Portugal, and I’m currently working at runtime revolution as a team lead.

You can download my CV here, or you can contact me here.

When I’m not at a work, I’m juggling my inability to focus for long periods of time in a specific hobby.

For instance, I like playing guitar!

My guitar

It’s a Jackson JS22 Dinky Snow white that I’ve bought years ago, but it’s still going strong!

I most like to play cover songs, and I have the terrible habit of only learning parts of songs and then skipping over the rest.

I also like to read books, mostly fiction, and playing video games on my PS5.

When I’m not at home geeking out with all of these, you can find me at the gym lifting weights or going out with the friends. I’ve just realized this might just be the most generic and boring about me page, but hey, I’m just your regular joe!